We are EveryUP

EveryUP Srl is a young and innovative startup company. The company qualifies as spin-off of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, as we have three professors from the Departments of “Ingegneria Elettronica” and “Medicina Sperimentale e Chirurgia” among our founding partners.


We believe that the technological advances should be used to improve the opportunities of individuals and the wealth of the community.
A scientific methodology, combining top-down theory-driven design and bottom-up empirical feedbacks, drives our projects towards success.

We want technology to be human-friendly.

We design and develop mobile applications, web applications, web portals, information systems;  we cooperate with academy in research projects in the Information and Communication Technology area; we offer services for Cyber Security.

We create a strong partnership with our customer, from the initial refinement of the project idea up to the maintenance of the final product, through a complete and integrated process.

The pillars of our corporate culture are:
– the creation of value for our customers and for our company;
– the customer satisfaction, obtained by offering a service tailored to the specific needs.

Our team

The executive board

The executive board and and the whole company run the business believing in high commitment, passion and continuous improvement both in the professional aspects and in the human relationships.

Fabio Patriarca


Francesco Lombardo


Valerio Maria Gentile


Andrea Vitale


EveryUP is willing to act as proactive partner in the evaluation of ideas and projects. Feel free to use the contact module to introduce yourself and briefly describe your needs, with no obligation.