The competitive advantage in our product and services is centered around the following points:

  • use of proprietary frameworks: our development team has created proprietary software tools that provide robust and efficient solutions thanks to their continuous consolidation;
  • constant update of IT state-of-the-art: we constantly looks at the latest innovations in the field of business and technology using the most up-to-date knowledge and tools in our projects;
  • customer-oriented approach: relationships and activities are always focused on the customer and his/her needs to optimize costs and time;
  • partnership-oriented approach: we develop a continuous relationship with all our customers, both to provide support and assurance, and to consolidate our network in the perspective of creating shared value.

EveryUP offers IT consultancy and business development services. We base our philosophy on the continuous improvement of our activities and knowledge, in every project and with every customer.

Business Development

We analyze and discuss the needs of our customers to prepare a holistic answer. We provide support to the development of the business model of our customers. We believe that creating value is a win-win situation.

Mobile Application

The selection of strategic requirements and the design of an effective user experience are the keys to the success of a mobile application.

We design and develop mobile applications based on cutting-edge technologies that provide competitive advantages to our customers.

Software Development

We design and develop web applications, web portals, information systems and software artifacts. Our approach starts from the collection and analysis of the customer’s needs to find the solution that maximizes the value.

Digital Marketing

The marketing plan is a key aspect for the success of a project. The marketing plan needs to include the digital marketing, a fundamental component in the promotion of any service or product.

We offer consultancy about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) aspects, building on our know-how and experience on tools like Google AdWords, e-mail marketing, lead generation, affiliate marketing.

Penetration Testing

We perform security assessment of IT systems by playing the part of the intruders.

The penetration test is a fundamental tool to check if an IT system is affected by vulnerabilities. The report to the customer identifies the vulnerabilities and their potential impact, so that the customer can increase the security of its IT infrastructure.


As a spin-off of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, EveryUP cooperates to research projects in the Information and Communication Technology area.

Exploiting the know-how acquired in research projects, EveryUP extends and improves its own proprietary frameworks for mobile and web applications development like Kronos and PHox.

Every meeting is a chance to enrich your network and your experience in the business. We are available to discuss and explore cooperation and projects with no obligation.